Telekom mobile phone tariff for the Hammerpree: Flatrate and 18 GB only 13,99 €

From Mobilcom-Debitel there is currently a strong mobile phone tariff in the network of Deutsche Telekom at competitively favorable price.

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So good is the price: Mobilcom-Debitel offers the tariff with 18 GB LTE data volume and flatrate for telephony and SMS only until the 16th of August at 6pm for 13.99 euros per month instead 36.99 euros on.

According to price comparison sites, this is the most favorable monthly basic price on the conditions contained under comparable rates, which otherwise start at other providers in the lowest possible cycle from 19.99 euros and that with only 15 GB of data volume.

Normally, there are only much weaker tariffs in the Telefónica network on the required conditions, which is why the current offer is actually quite special.

This offers the tariff: In addition to the 18 GB LTE data volume for up to 21.6 Mbps in the Telekom network, there is an Allnet telephony and SMS flatrate for correspondingly unlimited use on two years minimum contract term.

For the monthly basis price of 13.99 euros, theoretically, theoretically, a unique connection fee of 39.99 euros is added, but which is eliminated if you send an SMS with the text AG online to the number 22240 within two weeks after activation of the contract .

However, the currently unbeatable favorable monthly price applies only for the first two years, while 29.99 euros are incurred from the 25th month, which is why should be terminated in advance.

Here's the offer:

Now to the tariff offer

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