Marvel and Capcom are recovering Marvel vs.Capcom 2?

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Marvel and Capcom are preparing to bring back? MARVEL vs.CAPCOM 2 ? Probably that is not a question you expected to read by 2021, but it is a pertinent question after some comments by Mike Mika, the Chief Study of Digital Eclipse, a team that worked at MARVEL vs.CAPCOM 2 as a portability study and a Team that has currently worked with Disney and Capcom in Remasterizations such as Classic Disney Games: Aladdin and King León , S Collection of the 30th anniversary of Treet Fighter , Mega Man Man Legacy , and Disney s afternoon collection. In other words, a team with a working relationship with both Capcom and Disney, and with the desire to remaste MARVEL vs.CAPCOM 2 .

As you will know, the FreeMVC2 campaign of this year attracted great attention and support. So far, nothing has come out of this campaign, but that may be changing. During a recent interview, Mika revealed that the campaign caught the attention of digital eclipse, and for the sounds of it, both Disney and Capcom as well.

To this end, Mika seems to suggest that Capcom and Marvel de Disney s arm have been in communication on what to do with the game, and for what it seems, Digital Eclipse has also been involved in this talk. That said, for now, it seems that this is all that has been so far: communication.

During the same interview, Mika also points out all the obstacles in the way of bringing back the classic of the fighting games, including the licenses involved and the amount of resources that would be needed to bring the game to modernity. In fact, Mika suggests that the cost of remastered the game could overcome the cost of its original development.

At the time of publication, neither Capcom nor Marvel nor the parent company of the latter, Disney, have commented on any of this. If this changes, we will make sure to update the story accordingly. Meanwhile, feel free to click on the comments section with your thoughts or, alternatively, contact me on Twitter. @Tyler fischer and let me know there. Should marvel vs.capcom 2 Get the Remastery Treatment?