The good the bad and the ugly

For the better or for the worst, Marvel's Avengers are finally at our doors. While criticism of critics and fans flock, one thing that has become perfectly clear is that Crystal Dynamics' first incursion and Square Enix in the world of the Avengers is nothing but polarizing. It is difficult, however, to really assess what investment in Marvel's Avengers will ultimately reward the player until we see the long-term plans for the game. His story will certainly not gain any reward, so the majority of The experience will live and die with its multiplayer mode to the destiny. And only time will tell us what it means.

Until then, here is the good, the bad and the ugly of Marvel Avengers.


You would be silly not to appreciate the care and attention not only to the characters but also with surprisingly detailed environments. These are easily the most beautiful representations of the Avengers we have ever seen. Captain America, Thor and Iron Man all look fantastic. But it's Hulk flying the star. The way its muscles contract when it roars is the type of detail that you do not see too often in games these days. And the sun and the moonlight bounce over surfaces to create really breathtaking pictures. That's wonderful.

Tell what you want Marvel movies, but you can not deny that they have some of the most exciting actions ever seen in the cinema. And it's easy to see that it's Crystal Dynamics' love letter to Avengers movies. The gameplay is associated with cinematics to imitate the massive decorations of the Hollywood blockbusters, while leaving a certain control in the hands of the player. Although Marvel Avengers are not balls against the walls from beginning to end, the moments when it increases the intensity are unforgettable.

What would an Avengers game be without a few friends to shout Avengers Assemble! To? In addition to the standard multiplayer case in which you team up with a team of your best friends, you can also browse most of the campaign in cooperation. The way players can enter and exit seamlessly facilitates the process. And although some people have reported twinning problems, I still have no problem finding people who team up. There is no other way to discover the Avengers de Marvel.

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