The new Action RPG Marvel Future Revolution feels like the next marvel

The new mobile action rpgmarvel Future Revolution has appeared a good week ago and Meinmo editor Jürgen Horn played it. And although the game in the end is only a typical mobile grinder, the new Marvel Game makes really fun and motivated to Today.

Name: Marvel Future Revolution | Developer: NetMarb | Price: Free2Play | Platforms: iOS, Android | Release: 25 . August 2021

What is Marvel Future Revolution? Marvel Future Revolution is not the mobile version of Marvel's Avengers. It is a kind of successor to the successful mobile hits Marvel Future Fight. This comes from the Korean developer NetMarble, which were already responsible for the successful Mobile MMO Lineage 2 Revolution.

Marvel Future Revolution is therefore an open-world action role-playing game for iOS and Android. The story comes from the Marvel author Marc Sumerak and offers a new stroke of action that suits the current Marvel works such as Loki or What if .... Because several earth from the multiverse collide and merge into a primary earth.

This ensures a lot of trouble, because the various earths bring all their versions of the well-known heroes and rogues with them. Therefore, one plays a member of the newly founded superhero team Omega Flight.

Who played it? Jürgen Horn has several reasons to gamble Marvel Future Revolution. He loves Marvel movies and the cool heroes and villains. In addition, he likes mobile games and also has no problem with auto-play if it limits. And then he likes to enjoy games with horny graphics. Everything together he found in Marvel Future Revolution.

The next Marvel movie for playing

SO COOL is going on: Actually, I do not like tutorials, especially if you've already jumped up if I have just installed the game first and actually just wanted to see if the patch data already installs all are.

But no, Marvel Future Revolution does not leave me alone and I have to save the world immediately. Literally, because the above mentioned convergence event takes place and several earths are in collision course. This should be quite stupid for all those involved, so there are already various superheroes on the way to save the earth (s).

My adventure begins with the casual Star Lord, which saves music-listening passers-by and is surprised by comic types in yellow protective suits. These are agents of the evil organization known from Marvel's Avengers A.I.M. They want to solve problems with the power of science, but the best thing that can occur is to use the other earth with antimatter.

This simple, as brutal solution I do not want to be considered and it's all about! This is followed by a short firefight against the agents, which Star Lord Locker wrapped. Already here and in the previous Cutscene you can see that Marvel Future Revolution has not saved on the graphic. The usual colorful look of comic and film templates is perfectly captured and flashing in combat and sparks it until all agents are Danieder.

All heroes in the quick release: Well, that's what it was, tutorial over! I think so, but no, suddenly a great opponent pug appears and Star Lord will first be boned. But then Black Widow suddenly arrives and helps him out of the paw. I deny the next fighting with the Agilen Agent and also learn their moves and skills.

But Widow finally comes to their limits and must be helped from the storm goddess Storm from the pawl. And after Storm. Strange with his magic used.

In this way I almost play any hero from the selection once and prevent the nasty plan of A.I.M. And the three (!) M.O.D.O.K., which have come from different dimensions. Just the fight against three of these grotesque, flying guys with the oversized heads and the tiny sleeves and legs is a real highlight.

Avengers: Infinity War Cast Sings

At some point the tutorial ends after felt an hour game and I'm already coming as if I just played the game. The earth (s) are saved and our heroes have sailed again. Or?

This is how it goes on the tutorial: Unfortunately no, because by the merger of the earths to one are now tens of different versions of the earth at once and so there are next to the well-known earth still variants in which the nasty fascos of Hydra have taken the power or an earth in which the gods of Asgard prevail directly about humanity.

So that all these earth do not worry with their heroes and villains, there is now the new troupe Omega Flight and I can choose which the hero comes to my team. I choose Captain Marvel, Ironman, Star Lord and Storm. Other hero slots can be played in later.

The best tutorials I ever allowed to play: Everyone of the heroes in my team once again has their own origin story, in which one shows how he or she came to the Omega Flight. These stories are even more tutorials, but they invariably tell an exciting story and make me familiar with the gameplay of the respective characters.

So I have to escape as a Star Lord from an alternative earth full of dinos and fight a bad version of Groot. By the way, his Special Move is also called Groot. As a storm in turn, I have to prevent a prisoner uprising in the The Raft super prison and at the end have an exciting duel with magneto, both physically and philosophically.

When I finally played all my heroes released and started in the main story, I'm already fully artized and the unique Marvel Flair has me full in my spell. I just want to know how it continues with the promising story.

Despite autoplay feature no stumper grinder

This is how the real game starts: After another cool Cutscene, it continues in the main game and I should highly check the Ultron drones of Tony with Capitan Marvel. How to suspect, who suddenly play crazy and start to attack the inhabitants of the city. My mission is to disassemble the harvesting robots and find out what was going wrong.

The Open World: The fight against the ultrons takes place in a large, open map. I can move freely in the area and a main quest leads me through the area. But there are tens of side tasks that often also tell a cool story. So I have to help a little girl to repair their supposedly tahme Ultron unit Uliti or I finished the dispute between several very renitent versions of Spider Man.

This is how the gameplay runs: Countless opponents demand me to fight and as in the fighting of tutorials I am surprised how much tactical depth of the gameplay has. I have several skills that recharge very quickly. For this purpose, I have to pay attention to my movement, because even strong bosses often hit land attacks that I should miss. Thanks to the well-implemented touchscreen control, it works well and there are also skills that support dodging or blocking.

The well-tensioned use of my best skills ensures that I select the opponents as quickly as quickly, effectively and spectacularly as the Marvel heroes had made in the films. Here, too, the full marvel feeling comes when Captain Marvel thunders her photon shocks the opponents around the ears skin or Iron one opponents with his repulsor rays through the area and beats all possible capriols.

That's why AutoPlay is not so bad: The fights and the ways to the mission goals can I have to be performed automatically on request. A autoplay function is therefore a strong part of the game.

But here it is quite important to create your own hand and to avoid the boss attacks or to turn the particularly crushing special moves properly. I actually only have the autoplay if I want to quickly go to a certain place because my heroes can fly and so easily to the target point of nozzles.

This is still to be crowded: In all the praise for Marvel Future Revolution, there is also something to complain about. So the game suffers from the annoying thing that you get all Naselang any shop offers and achievements that you have to click on to continue playing.

The game also has tens of values ​​and upgrades that for my taste scare something and you rather spend a lot of time with the optimization of the hero. Such manager tasks I find rather boring, I prefer to experience more story and opponents thresh.

In addition, the gameplay is sure to make fun, but I can imagine that it sometime is wearing it and make it the same. Then I hope for exciting stories to keep me in a mood.

Most recently, Marvel Future Revolution is very demanding and my even quite new Galaxy Note20 Ultra got only the second best graphic options suggested. When playing was right soon, the phone was very hot and the battery was almost empty after just two hours of playing.

That's for a game that I really like to play on the way, no good thing.

Conclusion: A mobile game with addiction factor that benefits strongly from the Marvel bonus

I admit, deep in the heart Marvel Future Revolution is a speeped version of Lineage 2 Revolution, just that you stop here with well-known superheroes in the Marvel Universe.

But right here is the great charm of the game. While I never really came in the world and the story of lineage, I'm really interested in the story here and I have a totally bock to give me new costumes and cosmetics for my hero troupe. In addition, the gameplay is action-relieving and not quite trimmed to autoplay. So if you are looking for a fun Marvel game with great story, top graphics and lots of marvel flair, you can confidently start the download here. Jürgen Horn Editor at Captain Marvel So much to my opinion about Marvel Future Revolution. What do you think about the new Marvel title? If you are looking for more cool mobile games, then looks in our list on Meinmmo: the 9 best mobile MMORPGS 2021 for iOS and Android.