TFT: The Set 6 arrives November 3rd

It s not necessarily a big news for anyone knows how to look in the client and see the time remaining on the current pass. But an official confirmation never hurts. The TFT Set 6, entitled Gadgets in madness , will arrive in updating 11.22, scheduled for November 3rd.

As a reminder, the set 6 will have for mechanics heart of the gadgets - hence the title. They will be able to give bonuses to your army, like 2 additional boxes for your remote units, or bonuses. Others will influence your gameplay, with a free roll after each defeat, or access to an armory with Ornn s objects. Visit the PBE 2 weeks before the arrival of the set - October 19 for those who have trouble with the dates - to discover everything.

By then, as every end of Set, things go a little moving on TFT. A second radiant armory is appearing at 5-1 (7-3 for hyper roll players). Blessings are also improved, more likely to get ultra-rare objects. In short, you still have 4 weeks to enjoy the set 5 and have fun.