Gaon Platform AI image analysis to support real-time accident response

The most important thing is the speed of the first responders when any accident occurs. 24-hour surveillance by using artificial intelligence (AI), and can minimize the damage to your accident immediately.

Jomanyoung heated platform representative refers above were introduced for the intelligent predictive diagnostics system and image analysis system based on machine learning (ML) and deep learning algorithms.

Heating platform founded in 2019 represents excellence in the field of AI, including the award-DAPA Defense Science and Technology daejejeon statue, Korea East-West Power Big Data AI Competition Prize and the like.

Jomanyoung representative has served 15 years as Samsung Heavy Industries IGM then served as the robot equipment Technology Team, Naval Submarine Command information carrier. He is introducing a smart defense-related solutions based on the importance of know-how and experience, and security, first responders gained through military service.

Heating platform is focused on smart factory, Smart City first responders to accident prevention and reporting services neolhimyeo utilizing AI base, such as Smart Defense as well as the solution.

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Below it is summarized the Q & jomanyoung with representatives.

Q. Ask an introduction to AI services provided in the heated platform.

Naval service at the time had worked in security-related areas. At that time he applied he developed a topical prevention monitoring systems and intrusion prevention systems, unauthorized persons thought likely need improvement. In both traditional CCTV video is a method for detecting a spark or abnormal state. Just put my front for a final check of the month, it has already received a satisfactory workable feedback from the Department of Defense.

Q. The accuracy of image analysis AI heated platform predictive diagnostics solution is applied to a certain level.

Due to external environmental factors such as data volume and learning pretreatment levels or labeling and night illumination changes can cause the error, but the solution is heated platform and has more than 98% accuracy. Lack of 2% has been supplemented with additional systems IoT measurement sensor.

Q. Accuracy of data is important to secure a high AI instantly warmed development platform, I wonder how they overcame.

In order to develop the quality of the AI-based solutions, it is very important that the amount of data for learning. In particular, it must ensure a high level of bulk data.

Fortunately, through the AI ​​hub Diego know the opening data, while ensuring that large numbers of various objects and behavior recognition data, etc. Our solutions and related encroachments, agents, organic was the AI ​​can learn.

And the NIDA certification required to commercialize a proven video analysis solutions using a variety of data obtained from AI hub was also obtained in a short period of time.

Q. What are the characteristics with an AI-based image analysis service of heating platform?

Such as a smart factory, the Defense that it has a professional with expert knowledge of the various data domains. AI correctly and learning data, a very important domain experts make integrating algorithm. We have also provided separately for the team, even AI algorithms optimized and improved, including the researchers who specialize in the research domain data.

Q. If the AI ​​solution is currently being intensively developed?

Three kinds of Smart City when a crime and accidents in the elevator AI is recognized as installed CCTV, and is preparing a service to inform the Management Service. Smart assistant teacher system to detect such accidents in children or battered child care and consideration.

In addition to being the night self-study student safety ears for a variety of services to prevent accidents such services to prepare.

Q. First responders seem to focus on the relevant system

Our goal is to minimize the damage you have caused an accident or incident. It is most necessary to them is whether the first responders that is, to inform how fast real-time response.

Even if the relevant personnel can be due to a moment of accidental or other duties Michel not be found when the agent occurs, or some event to occur. But this thinking is also the human life, the top five according to the difference of a few seconds, a few minutes. AI will not miss as much as concentrating only vulnerable part, it is possible that benefits discovering the first report when the incident occurred.

Q. that the public data added to with interest

Since the second half of last year, the quality of public data provided by AI in internal hub feeling that is increasingly better. So smart bio-health, also considering smart Factory, Smart livestock-related solutions. I hope the industry such as actual data also added gradually so interested in the growing field of animal behavior patterns, and related building materials such as steel.

Q. If the goal for the future?

Data is becoming increasingly important in the future and is becoming even more and more like the quality of the data provided by AI hub. But yet, if there is no labeling is disappointed domain knowledge that comes with it is difficult to utilize properly.

To provide the raw data based on the one proven algorithms and domain knowledge in the direction you want to create a warm platform, moving the metadata. If it so through anyone can effectively use the data without the need for domain knowledge, we expect more projects to be AI enabled.