Snow White: Peter Dinklage criticizes Disney

Expected Next Year Disney will bring a live action remake of Snow White and the seven dwarfs to the cinema. Recently, with Rachel Ziegler has already found the main actress, which will slip into the role of the Disney Princess . However, there is a criticism of actors Peter Dinklage , who was not really thrilled in a podcast that there will be a direct reissue of history.

That says Peter Dinklage to the Snow White Remake of Disney

Not meant evil, but I was a bit stunned when they were so proud to have crafted a Latina actress as Snow White - but they still tell the story of 'Snow White and the seven dwarves'. Take a step back And look at what you do here. It makes no sense for me. You are progressive on one side, and then you still do this backward history over seven dwarfs that live in a cave. What to hell do you do?

Peter Dinklage: Was not I loud enough?!

Peter Especially Peter Dinklage speaks the stereotyping of small actresses and actors. He wonders if he was not loud enough last years. Linkage stood several years in Game of Thrones as Tyrion Lannister in front of the camera. Soon he also plays the main role in the musical film Cyrano .

Disney reacts with statement on Peter Dinklage

In fact, the mouse group has evidenced the statements of Peter Dinklage. It states that for the new edition a other approach will be tracked to enhance stereotypes from the original film. At the same time Disney works together with representatives of the small-scale community. Soon you want to betray more details as soon as the film changes to production.

Gal Gadot becomes the evil queen of the Disney classic

In addition to Rachel Ziegler as Snow White, which especially with West Side Story celebrated its breakthrough, Gal Gadot will be seen in the remake of the cartoon from 1937. She will hatch in the role of the evil queen. For the direction is Marc Webb responsible, which sat, among other things for Amazing Spider-Man in the Regienstuhl.