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The Moon Jae-in government has been promoted several regulations for data utilization, reporting the potential of healthcare big data from the regime, In 2018, the Nuclear Information Protection Act ▲ Privacy Act ▲ Credit Information Act ▲ The "Data 3 Act" revision of the 'Data 3' revision was held in the National Assembly. In February 20, 20, the data 3 of the data 3 passed through the parliamentary paragraph, the legal basis for use of passivation information.

Article 1 of the Public Data Act said, "We guarantee the use rights of the public data of the public, and improve the quality of life through the private utilization of public data, and contribute to the National Economic Development I am specified for purpose. "

Although the law is opening the door of data utilization, the 'Holder' is still. There is a high negative public opinion for private providing and utilization of public medical data, and the workshops are continuing to surrounding whether they are providing.

** ■ Medical data, provisional evaluator 'approval' ·

July 2021 Health Insurance Screening Evaluation Won (Screening Evaluation Service) Samsung Life, Hanhwa Life, KB Life, Samsung F & M, Meritz Fire, KB Life Insurance, which requested public medical data.

At that time, the Financial Committee will focus on developing models for elderly people, employment, and others, such as "public data analysis," said the financial committee. " Through the sophisticated risk analysis, we expanded the scope of the guarantee and lower the premiums, "he said.

However, the same year 's National Health Insurance Corporation National Health Insurance Corporation The committee (delegation) of the National Health Information Resources The Committee (the Commission (Syndrome)' was controversial with the provision of patient sample cohort data during the year 2002 to 2019, which was the desired. Until prior to the previous Corporation, we have provided some sample data to the public purpose of the public interest, and there is no precedent provided to the insurer.

The insurers who requested the sample database (DB) to the Dark Barrel Corporation are not disclosing a research plan that utilized this, but the purpose and utilization of research and utilization are different. For example, through the specimen DB, A is a way to analyze the correct cancer and financial situation for Koreans, and B is an expression that has the purpose of new insurance due to the number of units and the number of people in the hospital.

At that time, the data delivery of the data was recommended by the "troublesome of the research plan" to provide medical data delivery, and "to ensure procedural transparency through collaborative research with collaboration with college and public research institutes."

What does a Healthcare Data Analyst Do Year of January this year, Hanwha Life was alone as a university research center and joint research, complementing the research plan through joint research, and has obtained the IRB deliberation and relaxed medical data to the Corporation. Hanwha Life said, "We have been" fairness ", such as accepting the intellectuals of the delegation and implementing collaboration," he said, "he said," he said, "he said."

The delegation was not concluded from the 11th deliberation of the same month, and I posted a deliberation on the 25th after two weeks later, but the conveniences of the end of the citizen group was canceled for the reason. Since then, the Corporation did not hold the deleties that was scheduled to be on February 8th, and after the regular meeting of subscribers, suppliers, insurers, civic organizations,

Currently, other insurers are not re-requested once. It seems to be able to see the processing procedure for Hanwha Life Requestment.

** ■ 'Commentary converging without a pledge... I am responsible for the approval, but I do not have a mira.

Data provided in the data delivery of the data providing of civic organizations, the negative public opinion of the provision of citizen organizations, that is, medical data.

In the online survey conducted by Judinnet Korea, two of the people who conducted the Market Link to the Market Link, and in online surveys that have been conducted on the 20s and 50 to 6,230 people, two of the three people are negatively recognized by providing medical data to companies.

Concerns about providing medical data provides medical data, which is sensitive to companies with a clever company, and that it is concerned that it can create several side effects such as personal information leakage. In addition, the insurer is virtually a competitive relationship with health insurance, and if the insurance company uses health information, the health insurance may be weakened as a result.

On the other hand, the insurance industry is a non-dangerous risk of information leakage, and it is difficult to view it as sensitive data. The financial committee has also emphasized that data security has not been a problem. At the time of approval of the examination evaluation data provided earlier, the financial continent was "that data was strict," and certain individuals are unbeatable, "and" attempt to be re-established, " I once dismissed a concern.

In addition, the insurance industry is to provide data to provide data to create an insurance that can solve the blind spot, which is appropriate for the domestic situation. So far, we have created insurance based on medical data from Australia, which has been a gap between Korean characteristics.

Industry officials said, "The Australian and Korean characteristics do not consistent 100%," he said, "((when data is provided)," (when data is provided). " "Insurance made of Australian data was adjusted according to their experiences," he said.

In the case of the admission of both the pros and cons of the prosthesis, the opinion procedure with the citizen organization on the provision of medical data of the Civil Corporation is likely to proceed due to a significant part. But the deliberation date was not yet known.

If the assembly of the stakeholder is derived, it is possible to resume deliberate, but the opinion is not easy. However, there is no unreasonable meeting. The attendee of a private tourist attendee shall be borne by "((Dancer Corporation) ((((Dancer Corporation) ((Data Corporation) (((Data Corporation) ((Requesting Requesting Request for Insurer's Data Provision Request). "I said.

"(Hanhwa Life) has been equipped with data delivery," (the pros), "(pros)," (pros), "(pros).

The Ministry of Health and Welfare announced its originated position to support the opinions of the Corporation. "The Welfare Department will continue to cooperate with the provisions of the provisions of the Corporation's Data Depending on the Regulations and Principles," said the Welfare Department. I will support the process of being able to make a good process. "

■ Data provided is also difficult to use security regulations

Currently, public health data is difficult to be provided, but it is also pointed out that the development and utilization method is difficult to provide and efficiency. In the case of the examination evaluation source, the public medical data is not directly provided, but the researcher who has been licensed in advance is accessed to the closure network and analyzes the data and exported only the result to the statistical form.

There is a possibility that these researchers carry USBs and visited USBs to receive data, as well as have a problem, but also to cause problems such as infections in corona 19 trendy situations.

An insurer official said, "It is difficult to get the data of the review of the review of the review of the evaluation." Some insurers who have been provided by some of the medical data of the examination evaluator have not yet been using data yet.

Nevertheless, the improvement is not easy because the concerns that different data can be gathered and can be identified.

Moreover, considered that this provides patient image information such as X-ray or CT, such as X-ray or CT, such as X-ray or CT, In the event of an amendment, the improvement of the medical data delivery method is expected to take a seal.