Virtual Private Network: What it can and why you need it

Privacy and security on the Internet is very important to many. An important tool for safe surfing: a virtual private network. However, a VPN can even more than hedge in the digital vastness, as Nordvpn shows.

For most of all, the Internet is indispensable from everyday life. Whether as an information and entertainment medium, for work, school, studies but also for commonplaces like home banking. It plays a major role in all situations. Of course, the security is an essential aspect - it lurk some dangers on the net. When surfing, your data tracks and important private information can be emptied.

A firewall and a virus protection are already integrated in Windows. What also helps is a VPN. This virtual private network helps to surf the network safer.

Everything about Virtual Private Networks at Nordvpn

How to work a VPN

A VPN manufactures the data connection of your PC or mobile device to the Internet and encrypts them. In addition, it changes your IP address, ie quasi your ID card and your location. As a result, the data will be hard to understand. Many free pages like to collect a lot of data and then bombard you with personalized advertising. Even hackers get less usable data from you - popular booties would be, for example, online banking data or your steam account data. Encrypted Do not use the attacker.

Another advantage: By virtual location, your restrictions can handle and access streaming and gaming content, otherwise not offered in your country. In countries with repressive Internet laws, censorship can be dealt with.

In particular, public wlans are a danger. If you are more frequently moving in freely accessible networks, as you can find in hotels, trains, etc., your data for attackers on the presentation plate are moved. With a VPN you dealt with this risk, because no one can start something with your data.

always important: Considered surfing

However, absolute anonymity can not offer a VPN. Above all, the data given in social media is firmly connected to your account. Facebook is one of the largest data collectors, but also couples VR glasses like Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift to your user account. In addition to a VPN, you should take further protective measures to secure your data from third parties:

Social Media : You post something on Instagram or YouTube - This data can use the platform operator as you automatically link it to your user account. This also applies to Facebook Likebuttons on other websites. No encryption via VPN does not help here without any corresponding user account. Virus Protection : An antivirus program does not provide perfect protection. If your device is attacked directly, an antivirus program can help. This is, for example, if you click on an attachment of a very questionable email, behind which damaged software hides. In other cases, such as the attack on a public Wi-Fi hotspot, antivirus software does not help, but a VPN already. Free vs. Paid : You use a free VPN of which you promise you the greatest possible security? That too must not always be given. Since the providers still have to make money, either the functional scope is often limited, so that data protection functions are missing. Or it collects user data from the VPN provider, which will then be made to money. Even speed throttling are not infrequently, which can make surfing very unpleasant.

Chargeable VPN providers like Nordvpn are more open: they require money for their service, in return but guarantee a reputable handling of the data and their service includes the full security spectrum.

Highest safety standards at NORDVPN

NORDVPN offers encryption to highest safety standards and access 5.270 Server in 60 countries at top speed. It is one of the fastest VPNs on the market. Responsible for this is primarily the Northlynx protocol based on the structure of Wireguard. Other protocols can not keep up.

The headquarters in Panama makes it possible to operate the VPN without legally obligatory collection of data: in Panama there is no legal obligation to store data over a certain period of time, such as in Germany. The NORDVPN NORDVPN NO-LOGS principle states that your data is not collected and treated completely anonymously. So you do not need to rely on the fact that the company does not sell the data, they are worthless of data purchasers anyway.

The Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft PwC Switzerland has already examined twice as to whether Nordvpn actually belongs to his no-logs rule and could confirm this both times.

Virtual VPN onions

It is even more secure with special server services such as P2P, Onion Over VPN and Double VPN, which you can find in the offer of Nordvpn. With Double VPN, your Internet data is sent through two servers and twice encrypted. The service is available with the Protocols OpenVPN (UDP) and OpenVPN (TCP).

Onion Over VPN complements the whole thing about further security levels and then directs data traffic through the Onion network. The Cybersec function also blocks online advertising and keeps you malware from the neck, you should have a questionable pennet.

NORDVPN white with easy operation to convince, with apps for all operating systems and browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox you can protect yourself on all devices. The service works very well with the most important streaming services, and the server pool is constantly updated to provide a quick and easy connection.

Although NORDVPN security features belong to the best in the industry, the monthly price is rather low. The price-performance ratio is very good in view of countless features as well as security and protection of privacy. So if you attach value to safe surfing, NORDVPN is the ideal point of contact for you.

Everything about Virtual Private Networks at Nordvpn

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