NCsoft Lineage W, New World Opened and 6th Character name preemption

[Data provided: NCsoft]

\ - The preemption event starts on the 10 days and 7 worlds 84 servers Finish

\ - New World Kenlau Hell, opened in 3 hours in 3 hours.

NCsoft s new multi-platform MMORPG has established a new World Kenlau Hell and started the sixth Dictionary Character name preemption event.

Yen started the event on September 30, the pre-character name preemption of Dictionary Characters. On October 10, as of 6 pm, the number of people (84 servers) of the 7th World (84 servers) have expanded access to the total number of hours across 4 times until they are finished.

At 9 pm on the 10th, we have established a new World Kenlau Hell and started the 5th Pre-character preemption event. Kenlau Hell World is also finished in midnight for 10 days in three hours.

Yen is under the last 11 pm s accommodation for Kenlau Hell, and is in progressing the sixth character name preemptive event. The user can participate in the character name preemption on the official website and prescribe the world, class, and character name. The character name exists only one in the World (12 servers).

starts on November 4th Global Services. Details can be found in official homepage.